Supported Independent Living & Home Care Service in Tullamarine

In supported independent living, a support staff is assigned to participants with any functional disability according to the participant’s requirements. The support worker will supervise or assist you in your own home, in a rental property, or a specialist disability accommodation. They support or supervise you in your daily task at home or anywhere else and allow you to live independently as much as possible, along with helping you in building your skills. SIL is provided to encourage participants to develop essential skills and live independently as much as possible.

Victoria Care offers Supported Independent Living and home care services in Tullamarine, tailored according to the participant’s requirements. We believe in providing as much support as possible to help the participant live independently. With the help of our professional caretakers, we aim to provide support services that can fit in your lifestyle and encourage you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our support services offered by us allow you to manage what type of support you need that can best work for you.

Any kind of assistance provided to the participants will be under their NDIS plan, which depends on the kind of support you need. If your plan makes you eligible to opt for SIL, three support levels come under it:

1) Participants with lower needs that don’t include 24*7 support along with supervision of living arrangements.
2) Participants with standards needs that includes 24*7 support along with full supervision and a support worker living overnight
3) Participants with high support needs usually included 24*7 active supervision, support workers living overnight. Along with that, they are also given specialists who can manage their challenging behaviours and assist them throughout.

Victoria Care offers all the above support to participants in accordance with their NDIS plan and their needs. Our support staff will be there for the participants at specific times to help with your complex needs, and in extreme cases, they are available 24*7. Along with that, we also offer high-quality home care services in Tullamarine that change with your needs and you live as independently as possible.

Choosing the Best Specialist Disability Accommodation in Tullamarine

Victoria Care has established itself as one of the best NDIS services providers in Tullamarine, offering quality disability support services and exceptional care to the participants. We help people with high support needs choose the best specialist disability accommodation in Tullamarine that can help them meet their goals and deliver support that can cater to their needs.

Specialist disability accommodation is the design and development of a participant’s physical needs, i.e., a home designed in such a way that can allow participants to live independently. Victoria Care offers individualized specialist disability accommodation matching the needs of the participant. We work very closely to understand the requirements of the participant and help them choose the best accommodation for themselves that will allow them to live independently.

Why You Should Choose Victoria Care as Your Support Partner

Victoria Care offers diverse support options to choose from for people with low to complex needs. We assist them to achieve their goals and actively participate in all the activities. Here’s why you should choose us:

• Our experienced team of professional caretakers believes in providing disability support services that can be highly responsive to the need of the participants.
• We offer flexible support services to make it personalized for the recipients.
• We aim to enable the participant to maintain their individuality and lead the independent life they wish for.

At Victoria Care, our purpose is to help people with dignity and respect, and we want to eliminate all barriers and create unstoppable opportunities for the people to help them achieve full potential and improved quality of life through quality support services. Call us on 1300 851 325 or email usand let us understand your needs.