Supported Independent Living in Melbourne

Victoria Care is synonymous with delivering exceptional supported independent living services in Melbourne. We help people with any disability live comfortably by providing them continuous support and assist them with their daily needs. We provide them the kind of support they would need to live their life to the fullest. We are an authorized provider of supported independent living for people with disabilities. Our team is highly experienced and works towards the needs of the participants, ensuring that they are given the best solution for their individual needs.

At Victoria Care, we create a personalized supported independent living plan in accordance with your NDIS plan and ensure that it supports the participants to live as independently as possible. All our support services and care packages are designed to deliver tremendous support to the participant and let them live their life to the fullest without any difficulty. Our SIL services enable the participants to choose their support to lead a fully functional and enriching life. Mobility solutions designed by us are not just designed for low support needs, but they also cater to the people who are looking for complex support needs. If you think you are not able to perform a specific task, our support staff will make it easier for you to work efficiently and make you feel more independent.

These mobilities, communication, and health assistants make you feel more confident with your daily lifestyle and reduce the need of any other person you may need for help. The support plan for the participants can be tailored according to your needs and would assist you and help you in making your daily task much easier. Through SIL, our support staff will provide you personal care, help you prepare meals, and efficiently let you do your daily task with minimal assistance. This is best for people with complex support needs and will need help or supervision to carry out their tasks. SIL is one of many support options under NDIS that a participant can receive, here’s why the participant should consider taking SIL as their support option:

• If the participant wants to be as independent as possible
• Considering the potential of the goals and needs
• If the participants need one-to-one support to carry out their daily tasks

Finding Freedom by Opting for Supported Independent Living in Melbourne

In a supported independent living program, the support staff member supervises you though your daily task and most importantly lets you live as independently as possible. If you are an NDIS participant and eligible SIL, Victoria Care will work closely with you to understand your needs, and by keeping all your requirements in mind, we will assist you to get you the best SIL solution that can work for you. We ensure you never feel less and make sure that we help you live as independently as possible while developing your skills.

At Victoria Care, we are committed to helping everyone live a healthy life. Our only focus is to help the people meet their goals as fast as they can. We provide high-end solutions to the participant to help them live self-reliantly. We take a personalized approach to design a support help that can best suit the participant and that can work as per their needs and requirements. Our team of qualified professionals delivers exceptional services to ensure that people with complex needs are given full support and not feel challenged.

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