Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Melbourne

People with high support needs require specialist disability accommodation that enables them to access the support they need. If you are an NDIS participant eligible for SDA, Victoria Care can help you choose the best specialist disability accommodation in Melbourne. We offer a number of accommodation options to the participants to enable them to receive extensive support. Through this, we aim to encourage the participants to live independently in a broader community, participate in daily tasks, and have their own choices and control over their life.

Specialist disability accommodation provides participants to have a physical environment tailored as per their needs, which allows them to live independently while receiving support. Since SDA is for people with high support needs, there are specialized features in the designs and locations of these accommodations to allow access to the required support. There are only certain housing or apartments that conforms to the relevant building laws governed by the state or the Building Code of Australia (BCA). These are types of SDA buildings a participant can choose from:

• Apartment
• Villa/Townhouse/Duplex
• House/Dwelling
• Shared accommodation

Along with meeting the laws governed by the state or the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Specialist disability accommodation should incorporate specialized features to meet the participant’s needs and enhance their live ability. There are 5 major design categories for SDA:

• Basic
• Fully accessible
• Robust
• High physical support
• Improved live ability

At Victoria Care, we are backed by a proficient team who works very closely with participants and ensures that they are given the most suitable specialist disability accommodation in Melbourne. We only provide housing options that conform to all the SDA stipulations and are appropriate for the participant and meeting their needs. Our team is available round the clock and will assist you throughout to make sure that the participants are given an accommodation that is meeting all their requirements and gives them the ability to live independently.

Professional Specialist Disability Accommodation Providers in Melbourne (SDA)

If you are looking for a trustworthy NDIS services provider, look no further as Victoria Care is your preferred choice as a registered NDIS services provider in Melbourne. Our only aim is to construct workable plans for people with disabilities to help them live their life independently. We understand how difficult it is to rely on others, thus, our qualified caretakers provide long-term support solutions that can help the participant in the most positive way.

We work in close contact with the participants and their families to understand their complex needs and assist them in making an informed decision that can best work in their favour. We ensure that our participants and their family members are engaged throughout the process so that they are aware of the kind of accommodation they will move in. If you choose Victoria Care, we ensure to provide you a secure long-term specialist disability accommodation in Melbourne created specifically according to your needs. Our mission is to encourage our participants to achieve their goals and aspirations to live an enriching life. Considering all the aspects such as design, location, proximity to public transport, and interiors, we provide housing solutions that ensure that our participants can live in a supported and diverse community.

Victoria Care believes in taking a tailored approach to meet the needs of the participants. We go up that extra mile to make sure that the participants who have trusted us are given the best support services that can help them live to the fullest. We understand that each participant has a unique need, and the services that we provide are tailored to meet their need that can further help them in making positive changes in their life. Our professional caretakers offer participants and their families the “best choice” for their disability support services. The care provided by us is driven by compassion, dignity, and the commitment to excellence. Through this, we help everyone live a meaningful life.

We would be glad to help you with any questions or requests. Call 1300 851 325 or email at info@viccare.com.au to get in touch with us.