Specialist Disability Accommodation in Niddrie

Specialist Disability Accommodation provides a participant with specially designed homes that are needed by them to live in the community and reach their goals. Victoria Care is a registered NDIS services provider in Niddrie providing people with disability and housing solution to help them offer support that can cater to their needs and requirements.

Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to a personalized home provided to people with special needs. With a specialist disability accommodation, participants will get to live in a home modified according to their needs to accommodate their lifestyle and allow them to live independently.

The participants who are eligible for specialist disability accommodation are those who have a severe functional impairment or extremely high support needs. Victoria Care ensures that if their participants are funded by the SDA, a good home that can accommodate all their high support needs are provided, not just a building to live in. We are committed to set a good physical environment that can cater to their needs.

Exceptional Home Care Services in Niddrie

Victoria Care aims to provide high-quality home care services in Niddrie, which can help participants maintain their quality of life. We provide support services that can allow the participant to fulfill their physical needs and daily chores. Home care services are for those people who wish to stay at their homes and want support to live their life just like normal people. We provide caretakers who can cater to those needs and help you reach your goals with all possible approaches.

We have well-experienced caretakers who understand the needs of the participants to encourage them in making positive changes and have a healthy lifestyle. We offer personalized home care solutions that can best fit your needs, and you can choose from the various options and discuss with us to customize your home care services plan. Indeed, any plan that you will opt for will best work in your favour and the team at Victoria Care will help you with it.

Registered NDIS Services Provider in Niddrie

Victoria Care is amongst the most reputable NDIS services provider in Niddrie, offering high-quality support services to people with disabilities. We provide our support services to adults, aged, and children with support needs, we work closely with them to help them live comfortably within the broader community. If you or your loved one is looking for someone who could provide them extra support, Victoria Care is your place to be.

We are backed by a dedicated team of caretakers, nursing staff, and nutritionists who are qualified in their respective fields and have good experience in providing disability support services. We provide a range of services such as:

• Assistance in travel / transport
• Assistive equipment for recreation
• Development life skills
• Household tasks
• Participate community therapeutic supports
• Assistive products for household tasks
• Innovative community participation
• Daily tasks / shared living
• Community nursing care
• Assistance in personal activities
• Assistive products for personal care / safety
• Accommodation / tenancy

At Victoria Care, our services are flexible and fully personalised to match the participant’s needs and goals. Our well-qualified carers have a strong emphasis on maintaining their participant’s privacy and ensure they are given full support at the same time. They not only provide support to the participant, but also make sure their families or loved ones are given emotional and psychological support in case they need it.

Got questions? Give us a call on 1300 851 325 or email us to know more about the support services offered by us.