NDIS Services Specialist Support Coordination in Maribyrnong

Believing in providing care to each person with any disability, Victoria Care has now built a reputable name in the list of best NDIS services providers in Maribyrnong. We offer a wide range of support services to help the participants feel independent and survive freely in the broader community. Depending on the eligibility of participants, we provide a personalized approach to help them accomplish their goals. We are equipped with a team of professionals who believe in building a strong connection with the participants and give them emotional and physical support. We fully understand all the needs and requirements of the participants and work closely with them to provide them high-quality disability support services.

Victoria Care is a registered NDIS service provider in Maribyrnong, committed to providing the most suitable and personalized support services to every person with a disability. We work in partnership with our participants to help them live as self-reliantly as possible. Our range of services include:

• Assistance in travel / transport
• Assistive equipment for recreation
• Development life skills
• Household tasks
• Participate community therapeutic supports
• Assistive products for household tasks
• Innovative community participation
• Daily tasks / shared living
• Community nursing care
• Assistance in personal activities
• Assistive products for personal care / safety
• Accommodation / tenancy

With years of experience, our nursing staff, case manager, and other specialists place the participant’s needs first. We carefully understand all their requirements and assist them in making informed decisions that can best work for them. We find the most suitable carer for them by matching their requirements and empowering them to continuously improve themselves.

Victoria Care Assists Participants With Household Tasks for a Homely Environment

Having a team of experts backing us, we assist our participants with all their household work and daily task to make them achieve their life goals. Our focus is to ensure that they are provided with the most suitable support assistance who can understand participant’s interests and individual goals. By working closely with the participants, our caretakers chalk out ways to create unique solutions for them.

Along with assisting participants in their daily tasks, we also offer specialist disability accommodation in Maribyrnong if the participant is eligible for the same. Participants with high support needs will require a specialist disability accommodation provide them a home that is specifically designed to accommodate the needs and requirements of the participant. If a participant is eligible for SDA, we choose the perfect accommodation that can support their everyday needs. We choose from a number of accommodation and housing options, depending on the needs and goals of the participant. These services may include:

• Shared living
• Short-term accommodation
• Specialist disability accommodation
• Supported independent living
• Tenancy
• 24-hour emergency
• Housing
• Long term accommodation
• Respite

Home Care Services Specialist in Maribyrnong

Victoria Care offers quality home care specialists in Maribyrnong to support you to live as independently as possible. Our specialist ensures that your living arrangements at your home cater to your needs with their assistance. Depending on your requirements, we can provide assistance with travel, daily tasks, and household work, and our professional caretakers ensure that they help you emotionally and physically both to encourage you to participate in all activities.

At Victoria Care, our aim is to construct the best support plan for the participant that can help them with any aims and goals and that can enable them to live independently. We guarantee the best home care services in Maribyrnong, which can help participants in numerous ways. Our home care services let the participant develop new skills every day, it helps them make new choices in their daily lifestyle and enable them to actively participate in their day-to-day activities. Here are some services offered by us in our home care services:

• Assistance with personal activities
• Domestic assistance
• Development life skills
• Household tasks

Let Victoria Care, support you and help you accomplish your goals. Being your top choice for NDIS services, we will ensure that you are given the utmost care and support that you deserve and let you live more independently than ever before. Call 1300 851 325 or email info@viccare.com.au us today and discuss your problems and concerns with us.