Home Care Services in Melbourne

Victoria Care offers highly personalized home care services in Melbourne, which are tailored according to the needs and goals of the participants. The home care services offered by us are highly effective in helping the participants live independently. There is a wide range of home care services that gives the participant the liberty to choose the kind of services that would best suit their needs. We closely work with our participants and assist them to choose the support services and make a tailored plan considering the participant’s requirements. Our services are planned to help participants develop new skills every day and actively participate in their day-to-day activities. We ensure that all your individual needs are taken care of through the services you choose.

Home Care Services We Offer:

At Victoria Care, we have an exceptional team of professionals working with us, who are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable home care services. Our professional caretakers invest time to understand the participant’s needs and requirements, to help them provide the most suitable matched carer who can provide them the exact care they want. Here is a range of homecare services we offer:

• Assistance in travel/transport
• Assistive equipment for recreation
• Development life skills
• Household tasks
• Assistive products for personal care / safety
• Assistive products for household tasks
• Daily tasks / shared living
• Assistance in personal activities

With our team of highly skilled professionals, we can deliver complete end-to-end tailored home care services in Melbourne. Our home care services are provided to the participants wherever they want – their own home shared property or in a rental apartment. Each of our services is designed to fit the needs and goals of the participants. As a registered NDIS service provider, we can set up a home care package to help the participant get assistance to stay comfortable and independent in the realms of their home.

Victoria Care Believes in Providing More Than Just Care

As an expert in providing home care services in Melbourne, our goal at Victoria Care is to provide our participants more than just care, we believe in providing our participants everything that can make the participant live to the fullest. Our extensive team of well-trained specialists focuses on improving participant’s quality of life and addressing all the needs of the participants and their families. Our disability support services are provided to children, adults, and aged people with any disability, we assist them throughout and ensure that the services they have opted for work best for them.

From domestic assistance, personal care, travel assistance, and shopping to social outings and more, we provide fully personalized home care services in Melbourne. With valuable first-hand experience, our case manager offers tailored home care service packages that exceed our participant’s expectations. No matter how complex your needs are, our expert team is available to discuss your requirements to provide you with a solution that can work for you.

Everyone wants a qualified and capable team to provide them the support services they are looking for. At Victoria Care, we pride ourselves on having a team of experienced and well-trained professionals who are available round the clock, meeting the needs of the participants. Our proficient team understands the needs of the participants and give them the comfort that would allow them to make positive changes in life. We ensure you are given full support and care whenever you need it and make you feel comfortable as much as possible. Our caretakers keep a check on your health reports and work continually to improve your health.

To end your search of finding the right home care service provider in Melbourne, Call 1300 851 325 or email at info@viccare.com.au to discuss your support needs.