Registered NDIS Service Provider in Epping

Victoria Care provides excellent care and delivers full support to the participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in accordance with the plan in place. As a registered NDIS provider in Epping, we work with participants one-on-one to provide a range of support required to assist their daily life. Our team of professionals understand that the needs of each individual participant might be different, thus we offer assessment and management of people living with complex needs and provide a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to care. We are backed by reliable case managers who work very closely with the participants to enable them to participate at their level best in their everyday life at home and within the broader community.

What Can I Expect From the NDIS Services Provided by Victoria Care?

Being amongst the most reputed NDIS services providers in Epping, we ensure people with disability get more out of their life and create ways to help them make positive changes in their existing disability support systems. We also ensure a smooth transition for people with disability and work together to build a plan that can help them reach their goals. We are an NDIS provider for:

1. Assistance in travel/transport
2. Assistive equipment for recreation
3. Development life skills
4. Household tasks
5. Participate community therapeutic supports
6. Assistive products for household tasks
7. Innovative community participation
8. Daily tasks / shared living
9. Community nursing care
10. Assistance in personal activities
11. Assistive products for personal care / safety
12. Accommodation / tenancy

Backed by highly skilled professionals, we are well-experienced in working with participants. Based on the requirements, our team offers various services:

• Provide all the necessary information on the updated National Disability Insurance Scheme
• Assists with the application process for NDIS
• Connects participants to each service personally
• Monitors the care of the participant
• Provide home care service
• Chalk out a plan and work on the participant’s needs
• Assist the participant with making decisions about personal goals and needs

At present, we are considered as one of largest NDIS service providers in Epping, supporting numerous people with complex intellectual and physical disabilities. Our experienced team consists of support staff, positive behaviour support, and communication specialists who are dedicated to working in partnership with you.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) & Home Care Service in Epping

If you are searching for supported independent living (SIL) and home care service in Epping, you should choose one that is approved/registered to provide NDIS support. Victoria Care is a registered NDIS Service Provider in Epping that works closely with the participants’ needs and requirements to ensure that they are given full assistance and care that is required and can help them meet the goals as given in their care plan.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider in Epping

Victoria Care has been providing extensive care to anyone looking for promising NDIS services. As a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider in Epping, we would be glad to work with you on a care plan and help you through. You can get in touch with one of our experts and know how we can provide the support you need.

At Victoria Care, we pride ourselves to be amongst the registered NDIS service providers in Epping. We will understand the participant’s specific needs and will give 100% support to help them with decision making about the care support needed.

Why Choose Victoria Care As Your NDIS Provider?

At Victoria Care, the needs of the participants are on top priority for us. Our only aim is to offer the best care services to anyone in need, and make sure they can reach their goals with our help.

To ensure that you get the best possible care at Victoria Care, call us today on 1300 851 325 or drop us an email to get in touch with our team.