Helping Participants Develop Life Skills

The objective is to help our clients live a fulfilling life by gaining skills and knowledge that would help them be an independent individual.

To assist participants to manage these challenges, we offer a range of training and development activities, aimed at building their capacity to manage day-to-day life, through the development of their knowledge, skills, and networks of support.

  • Personal hygiene: Includes showering, toileting, and personal care
  • Nutrition: such as shopping for groceries and planning for and preparing a healthy meal
  • Home Help: including
    • housework,
    • laundering of clothes
    • maintenance issues or repairs
    • addressing safety fittings
  • Connecting with resources: Communicating with service providers and support networks
  • Transport and travel: Planning journeys, accessing public transport, and troubleshooting issues
  • Numeracy, literacy and financial management skills development:?Improve numeracy and literacy, and skills for communication and independent living.