Assistive Equip-Recreation

Technology today can assist our clients to perform tasks at home or to travel to achieve independence living goals.

The list of available ATs is long with hundreds of different products. In an effort to simplify the process of accessing AT via your NDIS plan, the NDIA split AT into four different levels.

Level 1 – Basic Assistive Technology

Basic AT is safe to operate or use and you won’t need specialized assistance to set it up. Basic AT items cost less than $1500. In addition, you don’t need an assessment for this type of AT. You can buy it online or from a local shop. Examples include non-slip bathmats, adapted grip equipment, or mobility canes.

Level 2 – Standard Assistive Technology

You can generally buy Standard AT from an AT supplier. Standard AT is not customized; however, you’ll probably need some assistance setting it up and making adjustments. For example, altering the height. An AT Assessment will sometimes be required for Standard AT. Some examples of Standard AT include transfer benches, laundry and washing line adaptations, and handrails.

Level 3 – Specialised Assistive Technology

While Specialised AT is similar to Standard in that you can buy from an AT Supplier, Specialised AT often requires some adjustments or modifications to suit the individual. Specialised AT will require an AT Assessment and a written quote. Examples include electronic Braille displays, stair lifts and pressure mattresses.

Level 4 – Complex Assistive Technology

Complex assistive technology is custom made. It often requires ongoing support including training. This kind of AT requires an AT Assessment and a written quote. Examples include power wheelchairs, bed rails, and hearing aids.