Doing Our Bit for Our Community

Victoria Care has been established with response to the local community demand for quality disability support services. The Director and his Management Team are highly experienced in this field.

Collectively, the Victoria Care team finds providing care to the community a very rewarding experience, with the staff being treated as family, and this personalisation cements their part within the community. The clients are grateful towards the carers who enjoy what they really do.

about us

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Victoria Care’s vision is for every person to have the access and choice to achieve his or her full potential and improved quality of life.

Our mission is to empower people by eliminating barriers and creating opportunities to succeed to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals within our community.

All of Victoria Care’s operations and activities are built upon the values of:

Dignity | Respect | Inclusiveness | Responsibility | Accountability

Our core principle is treating people with dignity and respect, inclusive of all beliefs and cultural backgrounds. We aim to meet the highest ethical standard with the highest level of responsibility and accountability, as well as the needs and wants of all people.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“My experience with Victoria Care was absolutely positive. The carers are outstanding and well mannered. They provided quick and competent support.”

Andrew McEwan

Happy Brother

“My family, and I, absolutely love Victoria Care. We really loved the respect and care the support works showed our family – coupled with the amazing customer service – it’s honestly more than we could ask for. “

Amanda Peterson

Caring Mother

“We absolutely LOVE Victoria Care. My son can’t stop raving on about the level of care his received.”

Robert Guillermi

Loving Father